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  1. The Policy includes the guidelines governing how Trades N Signals work and incorporates Australian Privacy Principles as stated in Privacy Act 1988.
  2. The laws descriptively state how the website handles and takes care of personal information.
  3. This Privacy Policy applies to all current and prior website visitors and online customers. In any form and entitlement, you agree to our Privacy Policy by accessing, visiting, or using our website.  

What personal information is collected, and what is the reason for the collection of such information by Trades N Signals?

Trades N Signals collects personal information for business purposes, and there is no intention to harm any user in any possible manner. The business purpose for which information is collected includes:

  1. For offering consultation calls to the users to pitch possible trades and guide users about the process of expert trading. 
  2. For promotion and display of information of users of the website over different social media platforms through posts, advertisements, and other forms of communication. 
  3. For other purposes like training, we educate, share opinions, demonstrate examples, explain success stories, etc., to other users/ followers of Trades N signals. 
  4. We display user information publicly shared by the user at their discretion in the form of comments or views shared by them upon uploaded content over the website. We display similar information on different social media handles as shared and provided by the users without any promptness to share them with any compulsion.   
  5. We use the information for communicating essential trade signals to all our subscribers. 
  6. We don’t share the details nor we spam people.

We collect basic contact information the users provide, including Names, email addresses, and contact numbers. These comprise the definition of personal information for Trades N Signals. Any other information taken by our website at any given time is not taken without prior permission or is asked to enter by the user. Ending or skipping the information is entirely at the user’s discretion. We advise users not to add any credential or private information in any form at any given point in time.    The methodology adopted by Trades N Signals to collect user information includes the step for signing up. The users are asked for their Name, email address, phone number, or other information to help them purchase or enrolment on our site. The information may be collected by other means directly prompting the user to offer access.

Why do Trades N Signals use and disclose personal information?

Trades N signals use user information on a timely basis and disclose information in the form of user contact names with prior information, which is automatically transferred by the user to the website while sharing it. The information access is first requested and is never indirectly taken, and it is a conscious step taken by the user.

Trades N Signals Respect the Australian government and, in case of necessity, will and share user information subject to the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade requirement. 

Trades N Signals may save personal information over the cloud per the laws stated in the Australian Government’s Secure Cloud Strategy 2017, which deals directly with the retention and handling of personal data by a website over cloud services. 

Disclosure of users’ personal information by the website will always adhere to the requirement of the governing laws.

Protection of personal information by Trades N Signals

Trades N Signals takes every essential step to ensure the safety and security of users’ personal information. It is protected against any unauthorized use, misuse, disclosure, possible loss of information, disclosure in any form, etc.

As per the Archives act 1983, Trades N Signals is not authorized to delete or remove any personal information owned and controlled by the Australian government except in certain unavoidable situations. Otherwise, the personal information will be responsibly destroyed for the protection of the rights of the users.

As per privacy Code 2017, Privacy Impact Assessment for high-risk Privacy will be conducted. 


Trades N Signals actively collects information from leads generated through LinkedIn Ads. 

We collect basic information, including names and contact details from the leads, which are essential to communicate about our business and share knowledge about the scope of trading. 

We are devoted to educating users about the scope of trading and helping them get started with the process.

We use the information to guide the interested candidate about trading in stocks and commodities. The collected leads are used to share information/opinions/views/educate them about different trading mediums.

Third-party link tags  

At our discretion, we may occasionally incorporate or offer third-party items or services on our website. These third-party websites have clearly stated privacy rules on their official handles. Henceforth, we accept no responsibility or liability for the content, data, or actions of any linked websites other than our subsidiaries/ sister concerns. Nonetheless, we strive to safeguard our website’s integrity and welcome any input concerning these sites.  


Our website is regularly analysed for security flaws and known vulnerabilities to keep your visit as safe as possible. We utilize Malware Scanning regularly. Your personal information/ credentials are kept behind guarded networks with much effort to ensure safety. It is only accessed by a few people with specific access privileges to such systems and is expected to keep it secret.  

Do we apply ‘cookies’?  

We do not use cookies for tracking. You may instruct your computer to notify you whenever a cookie is transmitted, or you can disable all cookies. This is done through your browser’s settings. Because every browser is a bit different, consult your browser’s Help Menu to discover how to change your cookies properly, and you can even seek help from help tutorials. Some features that make your site experience more efficient may not operate correctly if you disable cookies, which improves your site’s efficiency but may not perform correctly.  

Policy amendments   This Privacy Statement was last updated. As required by law, we will notify you of any significant changes to this Policy. We shall also publish an updated version of our newly created Policy on our website. Please visit our website for changes regularly.


TradesNsignals is a platform for seeking expert guidance about trading. It offers the customer a chance to initiate the fantastic route by carrying out trade transactions.

An ideal way to become an expert trader with the least effort.

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