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TradesNsignals offer clients an unbiased opportunity to earn Bonus ranging from 1000$ to 3000$. As the journey is geared to the next level, many recurring offers and rewards are unlocked. We are encouraging people to take the initial steps and welcome financial freedom.

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We are the platform that can help you learn to trade “the right way”. Our team consists of expert traders with decades of experience, ready to share them all just over a call. You need to SIGN UP and let us get back to you. We offer personalized guidance to every individual, organization, company or legal entity willing to learn to trade.


Expert traders predict market moves and help their circle of traders to book huge profits. TradesNsignals allows you to sneak peek into the immediate process of expert traders. It is a FREE guidance service for your FIRST trade deposit. Your trade guardian will let you start the adventurous journey of trading in the most favourable market.


The next level of support is to update you with the necessities of booking gains and fetching a high rate of returns. We are here to provide you with sessions with expert traders to know all about trading and to choose between the possible trade options. The experts are on their toes, prioritizing your queries and solving them with the best possible solutions.


TradesNsignals is a place with the latest updates, helpful information and expert’s opinion about the most performing market situation. If you do not know how to make a profit from the bear market and bull market, we are here to introduce you to the concept of equitizing favourable market situations into high returns. It will be the most profitable trade transaction if you utilize our platform efficiently. SIGN UP to know more.

Sharing Signals On Time

TradesNsignals provides quick access to every relevant alert that is essential for the clients. We will share market alerts regularly to help you make the most of the suitable situation.

Calculated Copy Trading

It is a service that can revolutionize the journey of Trade beginners. Copy trading allows beginners to copy the trade of expert traders and book profit. It is a technical concept that will be taught to you by your trade guardian. Hurry up and SIGN UP now!

Monitoring the trends

Constant monitoring of the market is essential, and every trader needs to be awake and aware of the fluctuations that can be the most tempting trade. Do you find it challenging to keep a vivid watch over every market? If you count on us, we will do that for you.


Deep analysis of blue-chip companies, high-yielding listings and upcoming projects can change the game for the new traders. Our experts have proper skills and access to reliable sources to conduct complex analyses. TradesNsignals will allow you to make the most of the market analysis the team of experts made.



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Liam Waugh

Co Founder, COO

A proud graduate of the University of South Wales, Mr. Liam K is an investment banker. He is a man that can play with numbers and help clients generate ten times the return from constant trading. By showcasing his skills and expertise while entering a trade, a non-specialist can only get surprised. He has commanded in his field of interest and has been in the industry for the past 18 years. He is one of the gems on board, helping us to serve the customers with robust trade suggestions based on his study. He is a constant contributor, and we are grateful to act as a medium for him to reach & help the masses.

Elvis Smith

Retention Head

Elvis is a finance and business management graduate from the University of Melbourne. He has constantly contributed to renowned news agencies that guide and observe the share market. His professional attainments include predicting the market movement with utmost accuracy and coaching expert traders about upcoming profitable situations. He has a vivid portfolio and over 100+ clients in the past ten years of her professional journey. He is the backbone of our thought to guide and introduce trading platforms to people at large.

Leo Pattinson


Dr. Leo is a human psychologist and a well-proclaimed trader. He began his journey 30 years ago and is now actively trading at every possible market that an Australian is allowed to explore. Dr. Leo has an impressive portfolio which he began with 1000 AUD and is as big as a few million Australian dollars. His techniques are world-class, and the way he demonstrates trading activities like intra-day, call-short, and long-put; seems like a cakewalk but is a properly planned trading transaction.

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TradesNsignals is a platform for seeking expert guidance about trading. It offers the customer a chance to initiate the fantastic route by carrying out trade transactions.

An ideal way to become an expert trader with the least effort.

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